Homar Dizayee releases his new album in Kurdmax Music

“Gala Wariwakan/ Fallen Leaves” is the title of the new album of the famous Kurdish singer that will be released soon on Kurdmax Music screen. It is renowned that Homar Dizayee is the artist who steeped deep in the waves of memory and nostalgia, travelling through time to narrate to us love and passion tales. His voice is like a gentle breeze touring through time, and transports listeners into the world of love, adoration, beauty and countless memorials. His life is full of outstanding experiences that mostly spent in seeking for all new music and song aspects.
The latest album of Homar Dizayee, “Gala Wariwakan/ Fallen Leaves” is another bouquet that will be added to his colorful career that he gifting it to his fans as it is another added brick to the archive wall of Kurdish Music.