Karwan Salahaddin ()

Karwan Salahuddin Najm Aladdin known as Karwan Azheen born in 1989 May 18 in Iraq Erbil. Graduating from Institute of art in 2011 in the same year went to Salahalddin college music apartment, he also lived and raised in a musical family his brother is Rawand salahalddin on if most known musician in Kurdistan and there Father salah Alddin singer and founder of azheen band in the 70s-90s
His song till today lives and Sang by lots of singers. Karwan Azheen has been teaching for almost 10 years music and theater classes, he can play (Guitar, bass guitar, Contrabass, Piano. And music composition) he is the founder and the manager of (B Shadows) band and made performances for lots of local singers and outside.
The "Zhe" program is a music art program, which discusses teaching music theories and music notes.
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