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 Life (Education & Career)
Sivan Payadar Barznji (born in June 13th, 1990 Irbil, Iraq) is a Kurdish saxophonist, music producer and television host at Kurdmax Media Network. His first- played musical instrument was flut; which was supported by his musician father, former flutist (Payadar Barznji), then he became more involved with Jazz music till he became a saxophonist. When he was 6 years old, he was hosting a television program at GullanTv channel (1996-2001), '' Sivan & boqe''; he continued his journey as a host in another children television program in Kurdistan Tv. (2001-2003). Apart from his work as a host in 2015).
During his Academic studies in music, he started playing his saxophone at Restaurants and cafés with singers and musicians. Then he started creating his musical band called (Bshadow). Bshadow is a musical band containing a group of talented Kurdish musicians who perform live on tours all around Kurdistan, such as: Saxophonist, Pianist, Guitarist, Drummer, Singer, and Bass Guitarist. The band first started working with Babylon Media Company in Irbil; they had their own show on Korek Tv. (one of the previous Babylon Co. channels), including participations as Rock& Jazz music performers in special events and concerts that was held by Babylon, He was a student at Ishik private School, then at the age 12 (2002), he started acting in a Kurdish television drama named (Mem & Zin). He graduated at Institute of fine arts (2006- 2010) in Irbil; while he was at the institute, he made live concert with his teacher Mr. Dildar Ahmed; whereby his graduation music evaluation was attended by tens of academic professors, him as a flutist and Mr. Dildar as a Pianist. Afterwards, he studied in Salahaddin University- Academy of fine arts (2011- 2015)
Career & Creativity after Graduation:
After his graduation, Sivan started working in different areas, unrelated to music. He started working with Barzani Charity foundation for two years, which made him gain experiences as well as education in terms of deputy camp management, and team working. While he was working at Debega Camp (Irbil, Iraq) during daytime hours, at night he was performing Jazz music with his band, including a performing at Evin Jin u Jyan program at Net Tv. For 6 months. However, because of his love for music and passion for performing, he became fully committed to his musical activities.
 In 2017-2018, Sivan was working as a music composer and musician for Navid Zardi’s Concerts in (Hawler, Duhok, Sulaymaniah); and in 2018, he worked as a music composer, this time for Miran Ali’s concerts in (Hawler, Kirkurk, Sulaymaniah and Duhok); Same year for Hardi Salami at (Hawler, Sulaymaniah)
 During the past years (2012- 2019), Sivan participated in all musical activities, special events and festivals that were happening in Kurdistan; he made music productions for many famous artists as well as performing as a saxophonist with his band (Bshadow) at annual activities and many of the famous singer's concerts.
Due to the Creativeness and all the abilities that Sivan had for his music, he always tried to create a different style while performing, such as mixing different types of music both in Eastern and Western cultures; also introducing Jazz music to people in Iraq. In addition, he was participating as a saxophonist or flutist in many musical tours with artists or with Bshadow, in many different cities in Iraq apart from Irbil, such as (Sulaymaniah, Kirkuk, Duhok… etc.), as well as other countries, creating more familiarity with Eastern music, especially Kurdish. Like (Croatia, Turkey, Iran...etc.)
 After his wittiness in mixing styles of performing music (Eastern vs. Western) in his country, Sivan started working on the idea of having his first Jazz music concert; aiming to combine his ideal Eastern and Western cultures together in a series of different pieces of music types. On December 12th, 2019, he presented his ''Jazz Concert'' with a global French pianist, Remi Panossian, at Babylon Hall (Irbil, Iraq). Sponsored by two of the largest companies in Kurdistan (Babylon multi Media Company & Kurdmax Media Network) and inspired by French Consulate institute. The concert was attended by many of the Kurdish and foreign musicians including professors, celebrities and great politicians.
Other Works and Businesses:
• (BCF) Barzani Charity Foundation. Erbil, Kurdistan-Iraq
Deputy Camp Manager & Manager of Stadium Camp. 2016- 2018
• Babylon Company, Korek Tv. & Channel 4. 2012- 2014Artist Relationships & Musical Band leader
• Gettytech Company. Erbil, Kurdistan-Iraq. June 2009- March 2011 Team Leader, Mapping Designer, Data Entry
• Azhin Musical Organization. Erbil, Kurdistan-Iraq. 2010-1013
Musician, Composer, and Music arranger.
Certifications and awards:
Sivan for being a famous active musician in (Kurdistan, Iraq) received many awards and certifications as a solo artist, such as:
• Performing at "First music Festival" by (Ministry of Education and sports) 2003.
• Certificate of Certificate of accomplishment for atten'' Unity Youth performing Arts Academy'' program, by (The Embassy of the United States, The Kurdistan Regional Government) July, 2008.
• Certificate of appreciation for attending "Youth Excellence on Stage" Program, by (Kurdistan Regional Government, American Voices) July, 2009.
• Certificate of appreciation for performing at '' Jam Session'' opening at Majidi Mall, by (Public Diplomacy Office, Kurdistan RRT) November, 2010.
• Performing at "Beautiful senses" Concert by (Institute of Fine Arts) March, 2011
• Performing at ‘’Annual Festival’’ of Institute of Fine Arts. February, 2012
• Performing at Erbil Festival ‘’ Freedom & Newroz’’ in March, 2012. Shanidar Park
• Performing at “Kurdistan Fall Festival for Music and Songs”. December, 2013
• Certificate of appreciation for performing at "Erbil Capital of Arab Tourism 2014", by (Maestro of Iraqi Orchestra, Head of Music Department, Dean of Academy of fine arts) 2014.
• Certificate of appreciation for participating as a student, in the department's activities at Academy of Fine Arts, by University of Salahaddin.
• Appreciation award for musical performance at (The Cambridge International School) November, 2017.
• Certificate of appreciation for live performances, by (Shakespear and co. Erbil) May, 2017.
• Appreciation for activities and projects in Kurdistan, by (Kurdistan Regional Government) June, 2018
• Appreciation for musical performance, by Ministry of Education. 2018
• Certificate of appreciation for performing at "Cancer Support Concert", by (Avi Institute).
• appreciation for music invention and performances, by Minister of Education. June, 2018
• Appreciation for participating in '' Chezhbrke'', by Kurdmax Media Network. 2019
And as a member of B Shadow band:
• Certificate of appreciation for performing at (White house Restaurant & Bar), by White house Management. January, 2018
• Certificate of appreciation for performing at '' METEX Erbil- 2017'', by Ministry of Exhibition. May, 2017
• Certificate of appreciation for performing at "TedxNishtimanLive" by (TED) April, 2017.
• Certificate of appreciation by (Nishtiman Youth Network), for performing at "International Youth Day" October, 2017.
• Certificate of appreciation for performing at "TedxNishtimanWomen" , by (TedxNishtiman) November, 2017
• Certificate of appreciation by (TED), for performing at "TedxNishtiman" on April, 2017
• Experience Certificate to the musical band for 10 years of working in Babylon Media services Ltd.
• Certificate of appreciation for performing at "Turkish Airlines Agency awards ceremony and Gala Dinner 2018". December, 2018
• Certificate of appreciation by Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands for performance during Netherlands King’s Day. April 26th, 2018
Trainings and Other Career Certifications:
• CCCM Training, by (IOM) Organization. 2016
• GBV Training by (IOM) Organization. 2016
• TOT training, by (IOM) Organization. 2016
• PMP Construction Project Management, by (BCF) Barzani Charity Foundation. 2016
• Protection and Community Services Orientation training for PARCT team by (UNHCR) & (DRC). Erbil, 2016
Appreciation Letters:
• Appreciation Letter form (HPJ) Organization
• Appreciation Letter form, (Al_ Messala) Organization
• Appreciation Letter form, (Help the Needy) Organization
• Appreciation Letter form, (DRc) Organization
• Appreciation Letter form, (Zhin) Health Organization
• Appreciation Letter form, (DAMA) Health Organization
• Appreciation Letter form, (UPP) Organization
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Acoustic is a one hundred percent artistic program that handles many aspects of music, including music types and music composition divisions. At the very beginning stages, songster used to show up and present their artistic activities, i.e. the program did not have presenter, but later on Sevan Payadar was nominated and chosen as the presenter of it, and started hosting a number of outstanding experienced artists. 
  • PresenterSivan Payadar
  • montajRebaz Blbas
  • Graphic Alan Rojbayani
  • DiroctorBedar Merza
  • Exe.ManagerMohammed salah,Hardi Anwar